B-List Celebrities - The EP by Frak

B-List Celebrities is the upcoming EP from Frak. From Judge Judy to Chamillionaire, each song is named after a different B-List Celebrity, and is abstractly related to their career or aesthetic. The album balances the line between rap, pop & R&B, taking Frak's battle rap-tested skills and pairing them with infectious melodies. Featuring Bay Legends like Zion I & Pass, and up and coming R&B star Oflo, the album brings many elements to the table, including a music video for each song. Frak's last album got over 300,000 views & streams across platforms and he plans to build on his budding audience with B-List Celebrities.


Rick Moranis


Judge Judy


Macauly Culkin


Frak is a rapper from the Bay Area. A songwriter, battle rapper, producer, comedian, and music video director, Frak's art is inter-sectional between all these mediums. He's dropped 2 albums, Limewire ’03 and Bagels, with over a million streams and views across platforms. He has performed on BET, MTV and Team Backpack, and his music has played during the Warriors playoff run at Oracle Arena.

Known for his freestyle skills, Frak started at 15 as the Bay Area MC Olympics champion, and since has been battling from Canada to the UK at events like Tourettes without Regrets and King of the Dot. He works with an organization called Youth Speaks, teaching hip-hop writing and freestyling around the Bay. He has played festivals such as Hiero Day and Electric Forest, and opened for artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Doja Cat, Travis Scott, Zion I and Earth, Wind & Fire.