Limewire '03

Limewire was one of the internet's first bootlegging softwares. It marked an age where anything in the world had become accessible to us through technology. The album touches on this tech accessibility, and how it has affected us, through our relationships, our physical spaces, and even our egos. The music of the album has a cohesive feel, as it mostly sampled early 2000's R&B, slowed down, reversed, and transformed into head-bopping bangers. This early 2000's R&B music induces that y2k nostalgia, and funny enough, was music I downloaded through Limewire back in the day. With features from Watsky, Nyfe, Nafets, Kaly Jay, & Harry P, and production from Naseem Silver & Esquire, Limewire '03 attempts to sketch the millennial condition, and how our technology addiction can manifest itself in the nooks and crannies of our days, months and lives.